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Big Day! revel+spark in Parents magazine!

Hi Everyone,

Back in July when I pitched Parents magazine my “Be Like a Filmmaker” story, December felt so far away! And, while it’s not quite December yet, I’m so excited to finally see the magazine in print (when it finally debuts on newsstands in Maine)! My kids are pretty psyched, too!

The best part? Knowing that millions (eeek!) of readers will see my video-taking tips and will, as a result, capture better video! The tips seem so simple (ex. turning your phone sideways) but they really will help you gather better footage! As I tell clients all the time, it’s really about just gathering the pieces so that one day, when you’re ready, they can be edited together into a beautiful, family home movie.

So … if you find yourself in a magazine aisle (or waiting in a doctor’s lobby), pick up the December issue of Parents and find my story on page 18! If you want even more tips, sign up for our free8 Tips for Taking Better Video of Your Kids!

Here’s to the fast-approaching holiday season and capturing those one-of-a-kind moments!


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