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Tips for Getting Better Family Video at Thanksgiving

Hi Families,

When I approach filming anything, big or small, long or short, I think about the pieces of the puzzle that create the event — the arc of the story.  When I say “Take video at Thanksgiving,” it’s easy to think just about the table full of food. However, there is so much more to the gathering! 

Here are some tips for how to gather video at your Thanksgiving gathering this week: 

Tips for filming Thanksgiving:

  1. The story starts WAY before people take a seat at the table. Get video of the behind-the-scenes family prep. Let’s see the cooks in the kitchen stirring the gravy, cutting the vegetables … even basting the turkey!
  2. Capture that special moment when people arrive! Kids (and adults) love reunions!
  3. Don’t dismiss the down time. Some of the most tender moments happen away from the action (ex. grandparents with grandchildren, cousins playing games).

And, once you’re seated:

  • Grab a clip of everyone from one end of the table just hanging out and eating. Keep it casual, the angle wide and don’t move your phone / camera. 
  • BONUS PRE-DESSERT CHALLENGE: Take a break between the meal and dessert and have everyone go around the table and say what they’re thankful for — you’ll be so glad to have this memory in your goodie bag when it comes to put your videos together and reminisce. 


Here’s to you and your family this Thanksgiving. Safe travels and happy documenting! 




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